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Episode 28: Beware of Drawdowns!

One of the biggest concerns of retirees and pre-retirees is outliving their savings. Older Boomer retirees tend to draw down their defined benefit plans (think pensions) at slower rates compared to younger Boomer retirees who rely more on defined contribution plans (think 401(k)). Listen to why this matters.
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Episode 27: Have Americans improved their financial lives during Covid? Two studies provide insights.

Financial habits and behaviors changed since the onset of the pandemic. Time will confirm if these changes are more temporal or more permanent.
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Episode 26: Is Today’s Inflation More Reminiscent of 1970s Inflation or 1940s Inflation? We Present a Contrarian View

The red-hot inflation story of 2021-2022 is drawing comparisons to inflation of the 1970s, that awful period of low growth, high unemployment, and high inflation — otherwise known as “stagflation.” That comparison may be flawed. Perhaps a better comparison is that time just after WWII.
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Episode 25: How the Pandemic Has Disrupted Senior Worker Trendlines. Is “Unretire” Back in Vogue?

For nearly a quarter of a century prior to COVID-19, older workers were staying in the workforce longer and longer. But the pandemic upset those trendlines. We are seeing more and more older workers step out of the workplace today. The real question is whether this is a temporary phenomenon or if we will see…
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Episode 24: Why Social Security is More Stable Than You Think

Demographics is destiny. Social Security faces many demographic challenges: Aging Baby Boomers, increasing life expectancy, and a Baby Buster generation that follows Boomers. Still, one Social Security expert tells us that the social insurance program’s demise is greatly exaggerated.
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Episode 23: Dr. Mollie James, DO: Pandemic Patient, Doctor, and Activist

A unique, if not controversial, travelogue throughout all of COVID-19. Hers is a journey of personal trials, system errors and collective tribulations.
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Episode 22: Will $70 Trillion in Generational Wealth Transfer Occur, as Predicted? 

In the next 20 years it is expected that $70 trillion in wealth will be distributed from the Silent Gen and Baby Boomers to heirs and charities, mostly in the Gen X and Millennial generations. It would be the largest reallocation of wealth in history were it to unfold as predicted. Fasten your seatbelts before departure.
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Episode 21: Will the Biden Tax Proposals Impact Your Finances?

President Biden has had a rough summer with heat waves, hurricanes, wildfires, vaccine arguments, the Afghanistan withdrawal and higher inflation. Now, with autumn here, he faces another test: His administration has announced a number of tax proposals to fund new government investments such as infrastructure, education, and family programs as part of the Build Back…
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Episode 20: Are We Heading Back to 1970s-Style Stagflation?

Ah… leisure suits, gas lines, Watergate, browns and burnt oranges. Disco and discontent. And don’t forget the economic malaise of stagflation. The 1970s. Some believe, nearly fifty years later, that we are returning to high inflation and low growth. There’s no jive-talkin’ here. Listen here for some insights as we go back in time. Can you dig…
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Episode 19: Why You Should Care About Bonds Even if You Don’t Own Them

“No Respect.” The bond market is like the Rodney Dangerfield of the capital markets. It doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Stocks may be sexy, but bonds are serious.
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